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How to assemble Push Lock, PTFE, AN fitting and hose (Part 3)

How to assemble Push Lock, PTFE, AN fitting and hose (Part 3)

So now we have your standard AN fitting and this is a very the most common by far. And it is going to use the standard braided hose. Standard and style fitting it is just a two piece, there is no olive inside of it. And basically, what these do is they wedge the hose in from the inside outward.

The third one: AN Fitting

So, before we assemble this, we will go ahead and cut a clean end on our hose because that is what you should always start with. And they will assemble it. So basically, what we are going to do now that we have a clean cut. We are going to push this into the back side, and you can actually see a ledge down at the bottom of the threads. We are going to push the hose. You can twist it slightly if you need to right to the bottom there.

So, you can see that a nice square cut is necessary if you have it cut off set. It is actually going to hang up on one side and sit down on the other which is going to make it difficult.


So, on a standard AN style hose like this. When you are assembling it, it is more important to hold the hose in because you are trying to wedge it way more than you were with the PTFE. So, you want to go ahead and just have a good firm grip on it, especially as you are starting to seat it in the beginning. And then from there it gets a little bit easier but basically all you are going to do is take your wrench and again we are going to run this thing all the way down until it hits the bottom down here.

It will start to get really difficult, especially depending on what size hose end. This one is actually always seated. I like to try and line up the flats. So that is an all done AN hose.

A worse seal and more difficult to assemble at this point. We are going to be ready to assemble it. So, we are going to go ahead and stick it in the vise here. This one I will do vertical just because I think it will be more visible for where you guys are at. And the hardest part about a standard AN style hose is getting that wedge started in the small portion on the bottom.

And as I said before you want to go ahead and put some lubrication on it so it can get. It just goes together much easier, and you are just going to push the wedge while you are holding the hose. If you push it down, it will just push the hose right out the bottom without holding the bottom or the hose into the into this end.

So, push upward push downward and then basically start pressing it slightly downward. And you want to make sure you get it started without cross threading. This can be kind of difficult sometimes. But again, if you use a little bit of oil or silicone, it starts to go together pretty quick.


So, one of the ways that you can tell it actually it was assembled incorrectly or that it pushed out is. If you pushed out a lot of times when you look at it right here, the hose will not be coming out straight it will be kind of slightly cocked, or obviously you can start to tug on it, it will usually pull apart.

So, this is a good quality AN fitting assembly, and ready to go on a car.