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Fabricator 2.5 Inch Remote Control DIY Dual Exhaust Cutout Be-Cut Pipe Kit

* Features

Material Type: Stainless Steel
Mounting Position: Medium
Part Number: ES00859S2.5
Size: 2.5 inch
Feature: Adjust sound
Weight: 5.2kg
Battery: 2Pcs CR2016 / 1Pcs CR2032
Voltage: DC 12v-24v
Control: Remote Control
ValveType: Vacuum Valve

Package Include:
2 x Flange Gasket
2 x V-Band Clamp
2 x Stainless Steel Be-Cut pipe
1 x Wireless Remote Control Unit
2 x 45-Degree Stainless Steel Elbow Dump Pipe
1 x Set of Bolts with Lock Washers and Nuts
2 x vacuum pump valve
1 x Air pump box with 1 x 11ft Wiring Harness
2 x 11ft Rubber hose
6 x Hose clamp

Compared to the old Electric Exhaust Cutout, the new Electric Exhaust Cut Out Kit with a vacuum pump has earned more positive feedback than ever before. Great changes Reflected in the following respects.
* The Vacuum valve installed At the bottom of the car is waterproof and can be used normally in a bad environment.
* The principle of the vacuum valve makes sure it is more durable as the electric motor will be damaged by friction, while the vacuum valve controls the switch of the valve slice by air pressure.
* We designed an air pump box and add signal lines which strengthen the contact between the remote and control box
* A separate vacuum pump controller is easy to connect. Don't need to connect to the car's vacuum pump to avoid damage to the car air pump.

1) When you use this kit, the vacuum pump valve will work every 140 seconds to check whether there is air leakage or not. So if you found the valve is closed by itself, you need to check the rubber hose and Vacuum valve if it leaks.
2) Remember the high temperature will destroy rubber hose so keep it away from the exhaust pipe when installing it.
3) The Air pump box is suggested to install in the car interior which can help it use longer.
4) Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instruction Included)

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