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AN10 CPE Oil Hose Kit 1 Meter

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Any hose line run should incorporate as few joints as possible to reduce the risk of leaks. An angled hose end provides a neater and more compact bend than a long run of hose and is particularly useful where space is at a premium. Black Nylon Braided Hose Construction
Smooth bore CPE neoprene inner tube with integral partial stainless steel brad weave. Outer layer of black nylon braiding. Applications
Coolant, Fuel, Oil, Alcohol and Air. Stainless Steel Braided Hose: Construction
Elastomeric synthetic tube, partial stainless steel wire inner braid, full stainless steel outer braid reinforcement. Applications
Automotive and marine fuel, oil and coolant system hoses requiring lightweight flexibility, strength and heat
resistance. The most widely used hose in motor sport.

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