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180 Degree 41 Series Performance Push Lock Hose End Fitting

* Product specification

Universal application Replacement for oil, fuel, water, fluid, air line etc
Made of high quality aluminum material,with anodized surface,durable and reliable in use.
Bent Type: 180 Degree; Its size and shape perfectly Replacement for the original ones
Lightweight and simple design, easy Replacement for your operation
Fittings are black anodized aluminum or red/blue. hose is rated for up to 300 degrees F and 250 PSI when used with rubber hose. Hose clamps are required to ensure the hose does not back off at higher pressures. Fittings can be used for all types of fuel, oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and pressurized air. 180 Degree Push-lock fittings are for use with soft rubber hose. Hose and fittings are easy to install: they simply push on with some heat and lubricant, and "lock" in place. The hose will not slide off the fitting because it compresses on the fitting as pressure increases.These fittings are made out of high quality material, precision machined, and anodized PROPERLY. This means you don't have to worry about them breaking, leaking, or fading over the years.
Easy to assemble push-lock style fitting for rubber fuel, transmission, and PCV hose.

Auto Parts Supplier Push lock straight fitting
China Factory Push lock straight fitting
Custom oem Push lock straight fitting

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